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Marriage: Our Security in the Chaos

Paul: Our country and our world has been turned upside down these past few weeks with worry, fear, and anxiety over the Covid-19 pandemic. How does all of this affect the average married couple? How can we thrive instead of merely survive this crisis?
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Keeping Your Marriage Sane While Quarantined

Jen: Being quarantined and trying to limit your exposure to others is one thing and having kids at home adds another dimension. So many parents are trying to make a living and unexpectedly take care of their kids at home at the same time. No matter what your situation is, being quarantined at home can add stresses on your couple relationship that you haven’t experienced before.

Marriage Under Quarantine

This week we created a fun video to get you re-focused on your relationship while locked in quarantine together. Click on video below! Leave a comment on the creative ways you're growing your relationship during the coronavirus outbreak!

Here is the link to watch the video on YouTube:  Marriage Under Quarantine video

Parenting as a Team

Becoming parents is such an amazing blessing.From the moment we first hold our newborn child, our world is changed.Whether navigating the terrible two’s or adjusting to parenting young adults, we learned something that is crucial about parenting – we are much stronger together than we are as individuals.

MARK: With no parenting manual, we fumbled through the early years of parenting our first child.  Mel and I parented individually and differently, each of us following our own parents’ examples.

Love's Sweet Spot

Many of you are familiar with theYin-Yang symbol or the phrase "opposites attract."  You know, the eternal optimist vs. the pessimist, the spontaneous adventurer vs. the live by the calendar person.  Let's call them complementary, not opposite.  Think:  You are the peanut butter to my jelly or the music to my dancing shoes.