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Relationship Resolutions

Photo by Jared Sluyter Paul: I dread New Year’s Resolutions. I stopped making them a while back because I would fall off the wagon and then figured, what’s the point? It got me thinking that maybe this year I should do something that might really make an impact in my life. What if Steph and I took a look at our relationship to see where we could improve and resolve to do that ?    This would require some serious reflection on my marriage vows and whether or not I am living them out to the fullest. Steph: When Paul brought this up I thought it was a really great idea. Instead of resolving to exercise more and eat less we could take a serious look at what is working in our relationship and what we could be doing better. When he mentioned looking at our wedding vows as a starting place it occurred to me that I hadn’t thought about the actual vows we professed in a long time. It seemed to me that what we really needed to do was re-evaluate how we were living out our vows to lov

Christmas Wishes

Photo Credit Annie Spratt From our hearts  to yours . . . Wishing you Peace ,           Joy and  Laughter this Christmas Season and throughout the New Year!                Paul & Stephanie, Mark & Mel, Ken & Janine and Tom & Mary Frances                         
Marriage Mentors… got one? Mark’s parents have been married 53 years and are an amazing example of a successful marriage.   We are so grateful for the way Mom & Dad have mentored us throughout our 24 years of marriage.  Mom and Dad’s regular phone calls have not only taught us to stay in frequent contact with all our family, but have kept communication lines open and strong.   Often deep discussions provide us support in our marriage and in parenting.   They listen when we need a sounding board, and only give advice when we ask for it.   Their phone calls have been comforting and life-giving over the years.   Through our life challenges, Mom & Dad have been there when we need a shoulder to cry on, to listen to us vent, and to suggest ways to cope.   The four of us discuss different aspects of our relationship.   For example, how we communicate and miscommunicate (then resolve it), or the way we compromise when we disagree.   Mark’s a lot like Dad, and Mel’s a

Count Down to Christmas -- TMI!

The weeks before Christmas can be hectic, creating tension in the best of marriages.  We get wrapped up in the craziness of the season and the stress of work and family.  The To Do List grows: last minute gifts to purchase and cards to mail, cleaning, baking and one more party to attend.  Christmas can become a project that is never done!  Thank goodness for deadlines; they can be a godsend. Play along with us as we formulate a game plan to survive and enjoy  these final days of the holiday season. Rule #1 : Discuss and agree  on a T o Do List.   Listen  to your spouse as you discuss each task.  Be vulnerable in sharing why  something is important.  This may take a little give and take.  Not exactly the fewest 'chips' wins, but you get the idea! Rule #2 : M ake progress together .  Have fun and create holiday memories.  Wear that ugly Christmas sweater as you prepare to cross off an item and be sure to take a selfie!  Listen to favorite carols or share memories of pas