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Ken:  When we were dating, it seemed we could talk all night, and sometimes we did.  During our engagement, there was so much to talk and dream about together...our future, a home, kids, jobs, adventures.
Janine:  I remember the 10 hour road trip we took so I could meet Ken's Mom for the first time.  All the way there and back, we talked and talked.  Fast forward about 5 or 6 years though, and I remember sitting in a restaurant, just the two of us, with nothing to say to each other.  Silence. 
Ken:  Do most of your conversations center around the kids or problems at work or the honey-do list?
 It seems we have the same (recurring) topics that tend to come up over and over in our conversations.  Sometimes we purposely set those said and choose to talk about something else.
Janine: Maybe you're married to someone who's not very talkative and you wish you could come up with a way to get them to open up a little.  This week, we're giving you a list of questions to use as conversation starters for your next date or conversation.  (Scroll down to see the list.)
You may want to venture out to create your own new topics.  When we take a walk together, read a book together, or find anything new to do together it gives us plenty of stuff to talk about.  We challenge you to set aside some quality time for meaningful conversation (maybe weekly).  Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Christin Hume - Unsplash

1.   If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? 
2.   What's another career that you think you'd love? 
3.   What is a job you would be horrible at? 
4.   If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do? 
5.   What is the worst advice ever given to you? 
6.   What is your favorite childhood memory? 
7.   If you bought a boat, what would you name it? 
8.   What were the worst/best gifts you've ever received for Christmas? 
9.   What is your favorite memory of us dating? 
10.What's a new hobby you'd like to try? 

For more fun questions, click here.


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