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Got Money Arguments?

When couples have conversations about money, it often leads to disagreements, defensiveness, and arguments. Why is it so difficult to talk about finances? Conversations about money usually aren't JUST about money. We all have underlying feelings (some very strong) about money. Fear. Insecurity. Resentment. Our past experiences affect how we deal with money. When we talk with our spouse about how to spend or save, all those memories and feelings start to surface.

What are you passionate about?

Jen:  Passion is defined as an intense desire or enthusiasm for something. In my life, I’m passionate about our children – making sure they are loved and supported, helping them become responsible adults. I’m passionate about my work, helping kids develop a love of reading. I’m also passionate about my hobby of quilting, trying to create art through fabric. All of these things fill me with an intense desire and enthusiasm in varying degrees.

Affirmations That Will Make Your Heart Soar!

  Photo Credit:  Peter Boccia on Unsplash In our last post, we shared with you 50 ways to live an Intentional Marriage .  This week we want to focus on one -- the Power of Affirmation .  The effects of self-affirmation and the power of positive thinking are well know in self-help literature.   Being affirmed by your spouse elevates this power exponentially .  In this post we will talk about what constitutes a good affirmation and why it is so effective, especially in the presence of others.