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Quarantine Romance

From Free-Photos on Pixabay
We have been under a stay-at-home order for 5 weeks now due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  Just being in the same house together doesn’t ensure a close, intimate relationship though; we must decide to take actions that bring us together.  We decided to view this mandate to stay at home as an opportunity to find new everyday ways to romance each other.

MARK:  I was surprised how excited I got when Mel asked me to take a ride to get Dunkin Donuts drive-thru so we could have some time away from the kids together.  We were gone for only 45 minutes, but chatting just the two of us and enjoying a hot drink was special.  It was truly a date as we held hands while we drove, and we smiled and laughed quite a bit.  When we got back home, I felt refreshed and energized by this jolt of love.

MEL:  A couple of mornings I’ve awakened to breakfast in bed!  I opened my sleepy eyes to Mark holding our breakfast-in-bed tray beautifully set with eggs, sausage, sautéed veggies, fruit, and juice.  There would have been a flower, too, if it were warm enough out for them to grow!  Looking into Mark’s smiling face, I felt so cherished.  As I ate, we chatted away, reminiscing about leisurely mornings spent in bed together during our early years of marriage.  Mark’s thoughtfulness and effort really touched my heart, and we enjoyed connecting deeply during our walk down memory lane.

MARK:  Mel has invited me to take many neighborhood walks, which is allowed under our state’s stay-at-home order.  While on these walks, we talk about how we feel being in the middle of this pandemic.  We also dream together about our future as we discuss travel destinations, home improvements, and retirement.  This time to connect one-on-one as we take in a little sun and some fresh air lifts our spirits. 

MEL:  We’ve been quarantined with our young adult son and his girlfriend.  As a result, our opportunities for lovemaking have been more limited.  One afternoon, while the kids were gaming on the 2nd floor, Mark invited me on a little “date” in the basement when he was going down to change the laundry.  Talk about living dangerously!  Taking this risk was exciting, the kids never knew it, and we felt like we were 23 again. 

Whether you have been a couple for a short time or for decades, romance and dating each other energizes your relationship.  If we are ‘stuck’ in the house due to a stay-at-home order, we can choose little ways to do this.  Click on this list titled At-Home Dating for additional ideas.  If you’ve found a fun way to romance your spouse, please post a comment to share with all of us.
Courtesy of Steve Buissinne on Pixabay


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