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Listening = Love and Respect

Over the years, we’ve heard a great deal about the importance of listening in marriage. This is one of those things that seems simple enough to understand, but for some reason is really hard to do consistently. The simple fact is that attentive listening is a skill and takes practice and   determination. Rather than share the ways to become a better listener (you can find that information just about anywhere), we’d like to share with you some reasons why it is important to each of us to be heard .

So Over COVID!

Photo Credit: Gabriel Benois on Unsplash We are so very over Covid -19 -- Zoom meetings, air hugs, frightful news, conflicting information, data overload and face masks -- All of it!  We long for real gatherings, real hugs, and the freedom to breathe in the air without worry.

We’re Not Perfect and That’s Normal

You’re scrolling through a social media feed and you see happy selfies, beautiful date nights, a tantalizing plate of chocolate covered strawberries with a caption that says, “My hubby is the best!” You pause and think to yourself, ‘how do they do it?’ Our relationship doesn’t look like that.

Grieving in Isolation

As the Covid-19 quarantine drags on, one thing is clear – we are all collectively grieving.   We lament the loss of our freedom, vacations, jobs, financial stability, sporting events, milestone celebrations, social activities, and missed opportunities, such as holding a newborn grandchild.   We ache for physical touch and long to greet our loved ones with hugs and kisses. Even more acutely, we mourn the loss of beloved family and friends who have died during this time, deprived of the funeral they deserve and keeping us from comfort and closure.       We also grieve the mounting death toll in our communities and our world.

7 Strategies for Coping with Crisis

Ken:  For better or worse, for richer or poorer, in good times and bad... that's what we signed up for.  But when difficulties arise it's hard to recall the passion we had on our wedding day.  If you're going through hard times right now, how do you find your way through?