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Happy Thanksgiving

  Things we're thankful for : Marriage You - the readers of The Couples Post Your dedication to improving your marriage Our Couples Post team

A Plea For Real Men

Photo courtesy of Guillaume de Germain We know this is a blog for couples.  But GUYS, I (Mark) need to talk to you for a bit.  I want to talk you about being a Real Man.  I get frustrated when I hear that a real man doesn’t show his feelings or make himself vulnerable, like it is a sign of weakness. 

Rule #1 for Resolving Conflict

Paul: With our child rearing days behind us, I figured any potential conflict surrounding child rearing was over too. Boy was I mistaken. We took our 3 year old granddaughter with us to the beach for two weeks so she wouldn’t have to be in day care. While we were both looking forward to some quality time with her, I cringed when Stephanie suggested that we run point on potty training her. That’s when the trouble began. My attitude was, “Why do we have do this?” But instead of speaking up, I kept silent. 

Radical non-Parenting

One of the hardest challenges of staying in relationship with married children is to cease parenting and to simply be a parent .  When children marry we do not simply welcome a new member into the family.  The marriage of a child radically changes family dynamics and relationships.  Tying the knot in marriage is as profound as cutting the cord at birth.

Stale Crackers

Photo by Pixabay via Pexels It first struck us when we had to throw away all the crackers in the pantry because they were past their expiration date – it’s been a very, very long time since we’ve entertained a group of friends at home.