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Loving Your Way through February

It is said that February is the month for lovers. Having five kids in 10 years, Nick and I spent many years focusing on kid activities for Valentine’s Day. But romance has always been a priority for us, and if February has to be an excuse to be romantic, I say bring it on!

Whether it’s a quick neck and shoulder rub or a random, flirty text in the middle of the day, I know some ways of being romantic with Jen that click with her.  Grand gestures are memorable, but our romance is kept burning just as much by little, everyday things.

We think that Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be just one day but celebrated over the course of the entire month.  So here are 28 suggestions for how to be romantic this month. Feel free to add your own in the comments!

  1. Recreate a date from your early dating days
  2. Share a secret fantasy with your spouse
  3. Leave a love note where your spouse will find it during the work day
  4. Tease each other over text messages
  5. Send flowers
  6. Set the alarm in the morning to play “your song”
  7. Spend ‘one minute in paradise’ (a passionate kiss) each morning before you go to work
  8. Make dinner together
  9. Watch a movie or a show together (sit close)
  10. Spend an evening looking at old photos of your early married days
  11. Speak to your spouse in his or her Love Language
  12. Play cards or a board game together
  13. Go for an evening walk together
  14. Bake / make your spouse’s favorite dessert
  15. Create a fun care package for your spouse
  16. Give each other a massage
  17. Leave a trail of flowers leading to the bedroom
  18. Slow dance in your kitchen
  19. Take a shower together
  20. Watch the sun rise together
  21. Watch the sun set together
  22. Find and watch an online concert of a band you first saw when you were dating
  23. Put your cell phones in jail and spend an evening together ‘unplugged’
  24. Write your spouse a poem or love letter
  25. Order a takeout meal of the same foods you had at your wedding reception
  26. Sleep in together on a day off
  27. Pillow fight
  28. Share with each other what your dream vacation would look like

If you’re truly daring, we challenge you to print this page and cut each idea into a separate slip of paper.  Fold them and put them in a jar and take turns drawing ideas over the month.  Whoever draws the idea takes the lead that day on making it happen.  Make this your most romantic February ever!


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