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Date Night Ideas

  1. Take a hike to a new scenic spot.  Take a camera for plenty of selfies.
  2. Play a board game or learn a new card game.
  3. Roast marshmallows and make some 'mores.  Sit close to the fire and share memories.
  4. Go fishing or hunting together -- just the 2 of you. 
  5. Pick out a new recipe with an ingredient that neither of you have experienced.  Prepare the meal together.
  6. Decorate your entry way for Halloween.  Make plans to costume up for the event -- kid friendly, of course.
  7. Go out to a favorite restaurant for a romantic dinner.  Enjoy getting dressed up or go casual.
  8. Learn a new hobby or sport together.  Check out the local college for ideas on adult classes.
  9. Mute the TV and lip-sync to an old sitcom.  Turn off the TV and continue the sitcom.
  10. Read picture books out loud to each other.  Out do each other with expression and emphasis.
  11. Watch a scary movie together -- in the dark.
  12. Go to the County Fair.  Be sure to eat an old favorite like cotton candy or the latest fad of deep fried goodness.
  13. Support the local High School and go to the Friday Night Football game.  Reminisce.
  14. Get up early for a sunrise hike and enjoy breakfast at a small local diner.
  15. Carve a pumpkin together and roast the seeds.
  16. Check out a local haunted house.  Make a bet as to who can keep their cool the longest. 
  17. Go on a hay rack ride or get lost in a local corn maze.  Be sure to check out the pumpkin patch!
  18. Drive into the country to view the gorgeous fall colors.  Take along hot apple cider to sip.
  19. Enjoy a local Oktoberfest or take a road trip to a new one.  Enjoy music, brew and brats.  
  20. Rake leaves and play in them.  Rake them up all over again.  
  21. Plan a vacation together -- all of the details.  Don't let cost inhibit your dreams.
  22. Rent a canoe or paddle boat and have fun on the water on a warm-ish day.
  23. Volunteer at a local soup kitchen.  Go out for coffee afterwards and share the experience.
  24. Imagine your home as a vacation rental.  Discus how you would deck it out for a romantic get-away.
  25. Support a local art walk or exhibit. Purchase a piece for your home or to give as a gift.


  1. Love this! Thanks for the great ideas! We also love to go to our local orchard to sample fresh-squeezed cider and pick fresh apples and raspberries together. We also love to walk around our local Farmer's Market this time of year to enjoy the fall bounty. Fall is also wonderful for going on bike rides together or gathering fallen leaves to press and make a collage to remember a special day spent together. :)


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