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Tom and I can say "TGIF!" with very different ideas of what that might look like especially as Friday unfolds into Saturday and Sunday.  I need the weekend to get caught up on stuff and slip in a good workout to make up for slack time during the week.  If I approach the weekend with the attitude "I am the only one that gets anything done around here" and paint Tom as "Mr Slouch" it is pretty unlikely he will enjoy pitching in to help. For Mary Frances and me the magical key to unlocking our individual agendas starts with a question like "How would I like to spend this weekend?" or " What are my hopes for this weekend?"  We both need Friday to unwind, a simple dinner and a glass of wine, a movie night -- anything to recharge.  I don't mind the necessary work of the weekend.  In fact, I like getting stuff done, especially doing it together.   We have found that a loving conversation before our heads hit the pillow about our