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Got Stress?

Photo above courtesy of Matteo Vistocco on Unsplash While writing a check for a major expense recently, Mel said, “You seem agitated.” to which Mark replied, “This is a lot of money!”   Mel’s light-hearted response was, “They’re only numbers.”   Mark paused, and then laughed, “Yet another example of how we are completely opposite.”   And we smiled at each other.

8 Misunderstandings That Are Hurting Your Sex Life

Why are we writing about sex again?  Sex in marriage is more important than most people think.  It's mysterious. There are a lot of "layers" and complexities to this whole topic.... read on... 

How to FIX Your Spouse

Photo by Alex Jumper Does your spouse do anything that absolutely drives you nuts? Would you like to know how to “fix” them once and for all? Read on.

Changing Our Dance and Learning to Love It

Photo Credit:  John Gibbons on Unsplash Most of us know someone who thrives on change.  They love to spice things up.  For them, the most maddening phrase is:  "but we've always done it this way."  The rest of us find security in knowing what we know, doing what we do well and living within our comfort zone.  We recently found ourselves at a crossroads in our lives with our medical practice.  The writing on the wall said:  "Don't expect to see a change if you aren't willing to make one."