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50 Ways to Engage Kids on a Budget

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"A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms 
when his hands are empty." Anonymous
  1. Play Hide and Seek or Flashlight Tag
  2. Try Sardine Tag; Get brave and play it in the dark
  3. Play charades; use nursery rhyme, Disney princess or super hero theme
  4. Act out animal behaviors (hint:  fly like an albatross, hop like a kangaroo, walk like a duck)
  5. Read out loud to each other using silly voices
  6. Make up a shared funny story; this is a creative way to pass the time in the car and to teach patience i.e. "Don't interrupt" or "Wait your turn" (set a timer to keep it moving and fun)
  7. Play "I spy" using the alphabet on a road trip; if sticking to alphabetical order is too challenging for young children use a white board with the alphabet to keep track of spotted objects 
  8. Search for out of state license plates on the highway or while waiting in a parking lot
  9. Play board or card games, work a jig saw puzzle together; work a crossword puzzle together in the car
  10. Repurpose kitchen utensils for a family band; take turns directing the band
  11. Bowl with plastic cups; hide a skittle or coin under ONE of the cups to make it even more fun
  12. Decorate boxes from the the 'big box store' as cars, trucks, castles, etc.
  13. Build a fort using boxes and have a nerf war; use squirt guns in the summertime
  14. Create a robot using cardboard boxes, tape and other 'stuff' around the house
  15. Play Twister; make your own mat and use a bowl to draw colors; use chalk and play it on the driveway or patio
  16. Create a toilet paper maze through a hallway (think obstacle course)
  17. Have a mini treasure hunt (think Easter egg hunt)
  18. Create an indoor Scavenger Hunt
  19. Play "Mother May I" 
  20. Play "Button, Button, Who's Got the Button"; Play it on the stairs
  21. "Rock, Scissors, Paper" played on the stairs is more fun and puts the focus on gentle competition (winner climbs up a stair) and not a painful sucker punch
  22. Play musical chairs; use sofa or bed pillows instead of chairs (little ones win this one every time)
  23. Have relay races outside or down the hall or in the basement on a rainy day (Ping-Pong ball and spoon, 3-legged, gunny sack, crab walk, etc.)
  24. Create a family time-line; include birthdays, first day of school, weddings and other special family events
  25. Craft a 'microphone' out of a toilet paper roll or paper towel tube and take turns interviewing family members
  26. Create a story about your family; illustrate on newsprint or with digital photos (a great way to share memories of a family vacation or other special event)
  27. Make puppets out of small paper sacks or old socks and put on a puppet show
  28. Tie-dye old white T-shirts; wear them to a community or family event
  29. Dress up as Princesses, Super Heroes or Monsters; have a Tea Party and stay in character
  30. Have a silly fashion show; don't forget the make-up and face paint
  31. Have a picnic inside; especially fun on a rainy day
  32. Have a finger food dinner: Rule #1 You can't feed yourself; don't forget the 'please' and 'thank you'
  33. Have a Beach party indoors or a family pajama party
  34. Dance party anyone?  (think: Line dance to Baby Shark) Even big kids like this, especially when parents join in the fun
  35. Get in shape; too cold to bike together? Take turns leading the family in your favorite fitness exercise -- a little yoga, a little weights, jumping jacks and a whole lot of fun
  36. Go to the Library or a Museum, scout out a new park or a hiking trail
  37. Stomp in rain puddles, hunt for toads, catch and release fire flies
  38. Camp in the back yard; sing campfire songs, listen for nighttime noises, and eat popcorn
  39. Go to a park and roast marshmallows; make S 'mores, banana boats or tin foil dinners
  40. Drag out an old blanket and star gaze or watch a meteor shower; too much city light -- drive out into the country; great time to borrow grandpa's old truck, some pillows or folding chairs
  41. Play balloon games; pop them inside; fill with water outside for even more fun
  42. Balloon Badminton anyone?  No rackets?  Fly swatters from the dollar store are cheaper and safer; use the kitchen table (so much fun you won't even miss the net)
  43. Fly a kite; Making your own is super simple and supplies can be found at the local craft or hardware store.  Don't forget the tail.  If you live in a windy area that is the most important part!
  44. Go fishing, catch water spiders, or just explore the bank (don't forget the insect repellant and sun screen)
  45. Build a snowman or a snow monster, super hero or stylish princess; spray on a little dilute food coloring and watch them come to life!
  46. Make an indoor fort out of furniture and blankets; Use flashlights to read spooky stories in the dark
  47. Nominate and vote on your own best of the year categories; keep it fun and positive and don't wait until New Year's Eve -- this is great affirming fun any day
  48. Play Fishbowl; especially fun with older kids (invite friends, cousins, aunts and uncles to create teams)
  49. Play the Dictionary Game; Pinky-swear to honesty before agreeing on the word
  50. Extend dinner time with a game of Zip Bong around the table 


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